Our company was established in August 2007 by Muhammed Zakir KHAN (CEO) in the city of Mevlana Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmīs Konya, Turkey. Our company main motto is to establish business relation in the field of food, pulses, legumes, oil seed grain, animal feed and spices with all over the world on the basis of mutual benefits and friendship between companies and nations.

We are Turkish based company engaged in import, export, stock, process and packaging in Turkey & abroad, international bulk (5000-50000 tons) vessel consulting in wheat and animal feed servicing the world with two decades of experience and professionalism.

We are well accompanied of international trade and knowledge of our relating products and well aware global market prices of national and international data, harvesting period of our all commodities that we deal in the specific country and comprehensively in contact with the largest and the smallest supplier and manufacturer of the country and in the world as well.

We buy, sale & stock under our global registered trademark of SAAZ™ and official company name of PAKON® Agro Products Foods Stuff Import And Export Limited Company.

We are dealing with the following countries with our company representative.